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Facts About Jail Detention and Obtaining a Bail Bond When You Are Charged With A Crime

Facts About Jail Detention and Obtaining a Bail Bond

When it comes to getting arrested and wanting to get out of jail, you will need to do everything that you can get freedom while waiting for your court date. Because of this, you should learn as much as you can when it comes to understanding facts about jail detention and obtaining a bail bond. In this regard, read on to learn as much as you can about these points.

#1: You have the right to know what you are charged with if anything

When you are arrested, you need to ask specifically what you are charged with. Doing this will allow you to know how to proceed and what potential penalties to her facing. From here, you will be able to receive a bail bond that will obtain your freedom from jail pending your court date.

#2: You don’t need to answer questions without an attorney present

Make sure that you do not answer anything without a lawyer present. It is well within your right to remain silent and you definitely do not have to offer any kind of confession or information with or without an attorney present. To be on the safe side, do not talk to detectives until you have a lawyer there by your side.

#3: You can hire a bail bond agent to obtain your freedom

Finally, you will need to get in touch with a bail bond agent who can help you receive your freedom. They will be able to assist you from there and make sure that you are able to get the help that you deserve in terms of moving forward and facing a court date accordingly without having to be behind bars.

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